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Landscape Architecture and Planning

From the Mind’s Eye


As the oldest landscape architecture firm in Sacramento, MTWgroup has unique insight, knowledge and experience. For decades, the firm has worked with hundreds of clients on thousands of projects, offering the small-firm advantages of strong internal communications and team efforts with personal, complete involvement from start to finish by experienced professional staff.

MTWgroup teams with various architects, engineers, owners, agencies, and community members to produce beautiful, highly functional projects. As a result, MTWgroup has excellent vision when it comes to landscape architecture. Each project is designed with near-sighted precision and intimate detail, arms-length practicality and versatility, far-sighted goals and manageability, and peripheral balance and relativity. The existing landscape of each community is valued and appreciated, and each principal is committed to “helping clients, communities and individuals create humane spaces with expertise, understanding and sensitivity.”

…to the Public Eye


MTWgroup has produced decades of highly-functional, aesthetically pleasing projects within budget and within guidelines. In fact, the firm has provided leadership in the development of guidelines, has a thorough understanding of maintenance issues, and has consistently provided unique and creative solutions for hundreds of facilities throughout the region.

Though its emphasis is on public agency, institutional, commercial, and recreation projects, the firm has completed many types of successful large and small-scale projects, such as the following:

  • military facility
  • street, highway
  • airport
  • power plant
  • park
  • parking lot
  • library
  • school
  • manufacturing plant
  • courtroom facility
  • commercial building
  • model home
  • public agency
  • office building
  • postal facility
  • laboratory
  • apartment building
  • restaurant
  • shopping centre
  • church
  • hospital
  • industrial park
  • medical facility
  • museum
  • corporation yard
  • historic preservation
  • correctional facility
  • parking structure

Principals of Design

photo: Peter D. Larimer
Peter D. Larimer
photo: Bryan H. Walker
Bryan H. Walker
ASLA, LEED Green Assoc.

Peter Larimer, a principal since 2009, has been with the firm since 2003 and offers leadership in all phases of design and construction administration. In addition, Mr. Larimer is responsible for updating and maintaining the firms AutoCAD standards; CHPS, LEED, and AB1881 standards; and construction details.

Bryan Walker, a principal since 2011, has been with the firm since 2005. He has proven project management skills from file set-up through all stages of design and construction.

Phases of Design


MTWgroup offers excellent service in the following areas:

  • Consultation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Schematic Design and Graphic Presentation
  • Grading and Paving Layout
  • Complete Sprinkler Irrigation Design
  • Cost Projections
  • Contract Documents
  • Bidding Support
  • Construction Administration

The firm can provide design direction for grading, paving, pedestrian circulation, aesthetics and graphic presentation during the early stages of master planning and schematic design; they have extensive knowledge of plant and sprinkler irrigation materials, comprehensive AutoCAD standards, quality controls, and specifications that support the production of quality contract documents which lead to fewer change orders; and they have extensive field experience which leads to excellent construction administration services and, ultimately, highly-successful products.

From Enduring Concepts


MTWgroup works with clients applying for CHPS and/or LEED® certification, offering design possibilities such as the use of reclaimed water and native/drought-tolerant plant materials to minimize potable water needs; roof gardens to minimize water runoff into drainage structures; pervious pavement to return watershed to the earth; bio-swales to filter runoff for use in water features; local, recycled landscape materials to reduce waste, etc. In addition, the firm is well-versed in the application of new standards relating to AB 1881 and other government regulations relating to water use and conservation.

…to Living Landscapes


MTWgroup is involved in numerous community and developmental projects each year, serving a large client base of both private and public entities. MTWgroup’s extensive experience and professional knowledge of plant material, sprinkler systems, grading, drainage, hardscape, cost estimating, time schedules, and maintenance issues have resulted in successful products and client satisfaction. The firm has produced decades of highly-functional, aesthetically pleasing landscape and irrigation design projects, within budget and within guidelines. These services have included providing unique solutions and quality contract documents for new projects; leadership in the development of design standards; and successful design services for modernization projects focusing on sprinkler irrigation restoration, cosmetic landscape enhancements, assistance with paving layout, and resolution of drainage issues.

  • img
    Antelope Community Park

    Master Planning

    MTWgroup participated in the design of the Antelope Community Park Master Plan and its redesign due to an adjacent development change from housing to high school. Originally, MTWgroup was involved in the preparation of site and program analysis with respect to community expectations and local regulations. They built a park site model for presentation during a public meeting; led workshop groups; and prepared both a preliminary and final Master Plan which was approved by the community. In the redesign, some park facilities such as the swimming pool and tennis courts were relocated to better serve as joint-use school facilities. Access for emergency vehicles was provided via cul-de-sac which also serves as an entrance to a large parking lot used for both ball field activities and overflow parking for high school events.

    img img
    Master Planning

    Antelope Community Park

    Park Amenities:
    • Community center complex

    • Swimming pool complex

    • Lighted ball field complex

    • Lighted basketball and tennis courts

    • Overhead shade trellises and structures

    • Play areas, passive turf and picnic areas, trails

    • Water features

    • Parking lots

    • Pedestrian/maintenance bridge; d.g. trails

    • Automated sprinkler irrigation system

    • Preserved oak trees; natural topography, plants

    • Amphitheater to seat several hundred people

    Client: Sunrise Recreation and Park District Location: Antelople, CA

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    Vista Del Lago High School

    Central Controller Programming

    MTWgroup is reprogramming seven existing automatic controllers from RainMaster OASIS to AIM software in three stages at Vista Del Lago High School. The first stage is gathering existing information for OASIS. This includes performing a “learn flow” for each control valve; recording live ET data for each controller from the newly installed District weather station; preparing a flow zone map; and verifying control valve locations. The second stage is transferring all data from OASIS to AIM. This involves transferring GPM and ET data for each of the 255 control valves; transferring station names and current programs for each controller; establishing run times, cycle times, soak times and water days; entering flow zone map data; and checking water window and total GPM usage. The third stage is training district personnel to maintain, manage, and operate the system.

    Central Controller Programming

    Vista Del Lago High School

    Client: Folsom Cordova Unified School District
    Location: Sacramento County, CA